Letter To Santa

Good news,

Santa has set aside some time to reply to good little boys and girls.  Children can write to Santa and he will do his best to reply.  Because Santa is very busy it is important to write to him by the 6th of December if you want to get a reply.  After this time Santa will start work on preparing for his Christmas Eve Dash.

Even if you do not get a reply, it is important that Santa gets your letter.  Santa himself has told Help The Kids that he wants as many letters as possible so that he can let his elves know which toys need to be made.

Please write to:

Santa/Father Christmas,
Santa’s Grotto,

by 6th December

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Does Santa really know who is naught and nice?

Yes, Santa has a complex tracking system which places all children’s good and bad behavior into a supper computer to calculate how naughty and how nice they have been.  Over 250 different indicators.  Many children on the Naughty list are capable of making a last minute dash to the Nice list the cut of of which is midnight of Christmas Eve.  After this point it is worth keeping the good behavior up as all behavior from that point counts towards the next years list.

Does Santas Elves really make all the toys.

Yes. Even the ones you may see in the shops.  You see Santa has a deal with many toy makers which allows his elves to make the same toys for good girls and boys.

83 thoughts on “Letter To Santa”

  1. Dear santa
    My name is Lauren Taylor 21 years old I very good this year clean room and tidy up
    Just for you santa make you happy a new laptop and I pad
    I wish for snow our back garden
    Taylor xxxxxxx☺💖💖

  2. hi Santa, how are you and could you get me a 12 year old bike please and could you please get me gold fidget spinners for Christmas and could you let me take pictures of me and you having fun and can you take me to the north pole with u for Saturday and Sunday so i can help you with the Christmas presents and see the remainders and the elves and especially you and the toys and how you make them and if i can come i will help you 24 hrs if you need me to help you and could i have ride in your sleigh as well if i come and help you deliver and wrap the presents. Ok Santa thanks for you time thx very much Santa

    1. Hello Santa I am 30 year old and can I come and help you at the north pole if you let me and can I see the raindeers please and the elfs I going to be at your grotto on Tuesday 12 December till 14 th december. And I got to go strat home on Thursday. From Mitchell I been a good 30 old Man

      1. Certainly but it does mean you will miss your Christmas celebrations as you will be working. Also we will have to program your mind so if you try to tell anyone it will wipe your memory.

  3. Hello santa my names is steven and i have a brother called liam we have been so good this year please could you send me a portabke dvd player and my brother a segway please my auntie stacey loves little mix can you get her everything to do with little mix thank you from steven bagley and liam bagley

  4. hi Santa Claus its James Huxtable i’m 13 year old and i’ve been a good boy this year i have had one detention a want a mountain bike and a iPhone x and
    a PS4 with farming simulator 2017 from PS4 cheers.

    1. I Damaged my Mums Fish tank I am going to Buy some Fish will you still Come to me on Christmas Eve Deliver the Presents to My house From Michael

  5. hi my name is henry i am 3 years old i would like paw patrol toys please and a toy motor bike what you can drive for kids please i would also like a toy mouse please lots of love henry ps.i love you and my family

  6. dear; Santa for Christmas please can I have all of the fidget spinners for Christmas and all of the smuggle smiths toys super stors I love you from Leola farmer.

  7. This is grandmas tablet and she told me to write and ask for these things but I will understand if you can t get them all cause there are lots of other children

  8. dear santa
    My name is Malky I am 6 years old.
    I like to play rugby!
    My friends are Kaydon, Harry and Alex.
    I promise to listen to my Mummy and be a good boy in School, and am really excited for you visiting my house, I wish for this Xmas,
    Osprey Kit
    PS4 minecraft
    Mini rugby 🏉 posts
    Football goals
    New togs
    Alvin and chipmunks teddies

    Please could you leave Odie a bone or new toy!
    Thank you
    I promise to be a good boy!
    Malky Mackay

  9. Hey santa its jordan gibson here ive just wrote your letter to u so can uplz come to my house tonight and collect it i live in ##### so plz come tonight love u santa so much love from jordan gibson

      1. Hello I am Gracie whyte from Rugeley and I want to get my mum a present 🎁for x-mas and you are the right person.

        I would like to get a…………………. Aha a picture of the family and some toys for my baby brother

        1. Dear santa
          It’s me again Gracie whyte I forgot to put my toy’s down as well I would like…
          Heelys 👟👟
          X-box live
          My little pony castle
          Product Mc 2
          Freya’s house you know the soft cat 🐈thing with rabbits and stuff

          Please come this year I’ve been a good Girl

          1. No that would be Jack Frost nipping at your toes. But, I do say “Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow.”

        1. There is a time distortion in the north pole, and we have developed a machine that harnesses it allowing us to reply to everyone. It is also used to get us around the world on Christmas Eve, as well as giving us plenty of time throughout the year to make toys. On the toys issue we also have contracts with all major outlets meaning we can source toys locally instead of carrying them all around the world, which speeds up our delivery time and also means many toys would have been available in the shops before this. I hope that answers your question.

  10. DEAR SANTA I would like a plank beam medium beam medium high beam and a high beam please can I have some crash mats and mats and a bar
    I would like a road bike and learning clip-ons
    I would like ice cream maker
    I would like this thing where you have to bull some boggies out of it’s nose
    please could I have some new heelys with only straps
    please could have some red, black and blue that rub out
    please could I have a TV in my room please santa
    please could I have a little small cat
    please can I have a x box 360
    please may I have an x box that has Netflix
    please may I have the warmest P.J ever
    please may I have a baby that can go in a baby bath its pretend shower also sleeps and crys real tears also that has a party dress just a normull dress and a dressing gown with P.J and a swimming costume with baby goggles and high heels and party shoes and just normall shoes
    I would like a I phone 7

  11. hey santa i would love a samsung galaxy 8 note and a samsung galaxy note case a sound bar and apple desktop forget my last thing bring wat u can please

  12. Hi Santa
    My name is Ava Rose
    Please can you bring me a Swegway
    and a few surprises for out side in the street

  13. Dear Santa
    My name is Ava Rose I have already sent a letter to you but I would like to add some more present because I have been a very very good girl
    A violet ball, a blue skipping roll , school pens and pencils
    and a Happy Christmas for you .
    from Ava Rose
    xxxxx I LOVE MY FAMILY.

  14. dear Santa
    My name is Skye I am 12 years old I have already sent a letter to you last Christmas I would like a Segway and some more presents please Santa I have been a very very good girl this year we saw your elves and you last year I was very upset because I missed your elves so much and can I have a bike please Santa and I want a I phone 8 please. and I like your elves because last year they was so funny and playful my mum and dad and brother they don’t like them at all lots of love from all of my family and friends

  15. this is with the top one to Santa I want to live with and then I can have my Christmas present we all love you and your wife and elves.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  16. dear santa
    I have been good this year for Christmas I would like
    a Segway, a thundertracs, creepy hand, a pair of slippers, goggles and a new dressing gown please can I have these.
    love from Nathan xxxxxxxxxxxxx and merry Christmas.

  17. Hi my name is called Jacob I am 7 years old please may I have the pogba predators and you are a proooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  18. Hi Santa
    I want a puppy for my family and a iPhone X headphones helicopter toy on playstion games for my brother something nice for mum and dad
    Also make up for my sister this is a secret for my family! And get me a laptop also Segway
    Thank you!
    My family is called me Rayaan mum: rozina dad :Ansar sister :Maaria brother: Romaan
    Xxxxxxxx from Rayaan

  19. hi santa
    I need to add on. Although I don’t have a Christmas tree I still want the best Christmas ever also give my brother a PS4 virtual reality headset.
    He really likes it. Last thing give my brother a iPhone 8

  20. Dear Santa,
    I want like for Christmas is Nike Mercurial Vortex pink football boots. In addition to this, I really wanted is some PlayStation 4 with FIFA 18 game and all of the other PlayStation games to play on. I need tot add on is a DVD called the boy is striped Pyjamas but you are the best Santa ever in the north pole please can you get this and my dad wants another dog so the dog can keep Jajay confused and for my mum she wants some perfumes to wear and for my brother Alex he wants another Xbox 360 control so I can play on it with him.

    with the very very very good girl called Lauren Hunter Greenwood

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