The Secret Art of Getting a Six Pack

This post will be for those taking up one of our sports challenges.

This is part of our get fit series.  These are aimed at benefiting our older teens who wish to stay fit and healthy.  This in itself has a number of benefits that relate directly to returning to school or vocational education.  These include but are not limited to an increased confidence, a boost in motivation and stamina as well as potentially inspiring an educational path in Physical Education.

We will teach you how to improve your fitness, reduce fat, gain muscle and get Six pack abs in return for taking on one of our charity challenges.

The basics that you may know about getting a six pack are, the more sit ups you do the more of a six pack you get.  So why then is it that so many people who do lots of regular sit ups can never get a six pack?  Could it be the DNA or their body type?  No, the truth is that everyone has a six pack.  The real question is how do you make yours visible, you do this in two ways.

1.) make your six pack stronger and more likely to show.

2.) Use diet and exercise to reduce body fat making it easier for the six pack to show through..

More information will be coming soon on participating in our programs and fundraising challenges.

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