Executive Summary

Help The Kids is a non-profit charitable organization with strong sense of social responsibility, geared towards providing advocacy and financial help to children under 18 that are not in school to get a quality education. On funding, support is expected from grants, proceeds from events, sponsors, advert placement on the organization’s website, fund raising and donations from private and public entities. The ultimate purpose of this business plan is to develop a blueprint for broadening the donor base while attempting to foster quality relationship with government agencies, local communities and volunteers to assist the organization in making a difference in helping school dropouts of ages below eighteen to access/regain quality education while revealing in details, the organization’s activities for operational proficiency and expanded market reach using proven marketing campaign.

In order to keep the books of the organization balanced, Help The Kids would employ the services of an audit firm to perform professional company audit, prepare taxes, payroll and provide other services needed to assist in setting achievable long-range strategic goals.

1.1 Aim

  • To create awareness that attracts donors and network with youths, government, communities and volunteers.
  • To create further awareness around Help The Kids’ corporate existence in the nonprofit industry.
  • Help The Kids to grow brand in order to position the organization as a premium brand of choice to the educational revival of school dropouts (children).
  • To engage a high impact marketing campaign with the capability to drive growth and expand donor base in the nonprofit industry.


  • Mission Statement

Help The Kids is dedicated to helping children below 18 that are not in school get a quality education either by getting them into school or helping them educate from home. There are Millions of Children and Young people not in school.  Help The Kids aims to help them get a quality education. The 5 year mission is to make contact with 1 million children and young people that are not in school as well as the adults in their lives.  Then provide them with advocacy and financial help.  This will be done either directly or through other groups and organisations.

Corporate strategy

  • Focus on achieving sustainable organic growth, through income retention. Being a non-profit and tax exempt Corporation, all revenues will be put back into the organization with a purpose of improving the company’s charitable activities.
  • Increase volunteers and donors.
  • To build relationship with forums connected to youth empowerment and solidify the values and caliber of Help The Kids’ brand in the nonprofit industry.
  • To operate ethically in a socially responsible manner.


  • To become one of the recognized leaders in the nonprofit industry helping children outside of school.
  • Dedicated to offering services that provides quality education to school dropouts, non-attendees, and homeschoolers below the ages of 18.
  • Timely review of operations in order to match up with current trends that suits target market’s expectations.